DEEP-EST EAP Online Tutorial:

Using Tools on DEEP-EST Prototype for Application Analysis and Tuning

Materials for the tutorial:

You can find the materials for the tutorial in the attachements of this side below.
Please klick on the following button to see the list of materials:

Getting started

Please use the materials in the following order for this online tutorial:

  1. Paraver Hands-On.pdf: It contains a guide to install Paraver in the users' laptops or desktops, as well as installing guided tutorials that are embedded within the tool that explain basic navigation controls and analysis methodology.
  1. Extrae-Hands-On.pdf: It contains a hands-on guide to obtain a trace with Extrae of a prepared example. EAP users can follow this complete example, that also contains a brief analysis session. Then, EAP users can apply these same guidelines to their own codes to obtain a trace for it, and conduct an initial analysis on their own.

2.1. Package lulesh-example.tar.xz: It contains the files necessary to conduct the hands-on for Document 2.

  1. Installing Extrae in another cluster.pdf: It contains a guide to install Extrae in a different cluster, just in case someone needs to run their codes on a different machine.
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