Access to the DEEP prototype systems

Step 1: JuDoor Account

At first you have to create an account on our JuDoor portal. Please look here to proceed with the account creation and your first steps on the portal.

Step 2: Request compute ressources on the DEEP-EST prototype

After the creation of your JuDoor account, you have to apply to a compute project to access the prototype and to a data project to be assigned space on the shared filesystems.

After being granted access to a compute (and data) project, you can request access to any system the project is allowed to. Please select for DEEP among the systems available on your compute project. Before accessing the system, please remember to read the usage conditions and digitally sign them. Also, you will have to upload a copy of your SSH public key via JuDoor in order to access the system.

Step 3: Using the system

Once access is granted you can reach the system with your JuDoor account via SSH:

For details about SSH login to the system, please follow the SSH access guideline for the Jureca system, the instructions apply for the DEEP prototype systems as well. In addition, the jutil tool is available on DEEP which can be used to query information about your account, your projects and assigned quotas. When logged in to the system, run jutil -h for further information.

Now your are ready to have a look at the other topics in our Tutorial.

For any question or issue, please contact

  • ​access(at) (if you are an EAP user)
  • sup(at) (else)

The old version of "Get an account" can be found here.

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